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We are proud to present you a concert by the local group Musically Fleet, composed of violinist Brigitte Amyot, violinist Adam Nelson, harpist Jessie Fleet, cellist Aidan Fleet and Ian Fleet on electric bass (compositions and arrangement by Ian Fleet).

Participants are invited to bring their folding chairs and water to stay hydrated. We will be following Quebec government sanitary measures.

Prompted by encounters and the spirit of the moment, Impromptus, Musique de L’Imaginaire is a new series presented by L’Imagier, featuring music ensembles in the Parc de L’Imaginaire. Performing under the pavilion, musicians will encourage the discovery of various musical styles with a focus on storytelling around the pieces played. We believe that music plays an essential role in activating and strengthening a myriad of networks in our brain related to well-being, learning and happiness.

Visit Musicalement Fleet’s Facebook Page.

Visit Musicalement Fleet’s YouTube Channel.

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