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Open House Week End at L’Imagier

Location L’Imagier

Dates May 25, 2019 — May 26, 2019

Heure de début Starts at 10:00am

Whether it’s with the family, on your own or in a group, L’Imagier welcomes you for a visit, guided or not of the exhibition Storylines, and offers our new kit of activities. As part of the new workshop, on the garden level,  participants will discover three techniques that will feature as part of our 2019 Day Camp. Come and create cyanotype photograms (if the sun is there), paint with hammers and print on Jell-O. Bring your aprons!

About the exhibition

The inaugural exhibition of the new L’Imagier seeks to showcase a multiplicity of practices and perspectives by bringing together six curators: Katarzyna (Kasia) Basta, Marianne Breton, Paul Brunet, Marie-Hélène Leblanc, Stefan St-Laurent and Julie Tremble. Artists Chun Hua Catherine Dong, David Elliott, Kablusiak, Kim Kielhofner, Carl Trahan, Jennifer Lefort and Mélanie Myers present discourses, experiences and stories weaving different narrative layers. By promoting the sharing of artistic visions, knowledge and interests, the exhibition fosters dialogue.

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