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Augmented reality (AR) workshop

Location L'Imagier

Dates October 23, 2021

Heure de début Starts at 2:00pm

An art workshop (for 12-30 years old) introducing augmented reality (AR) and its creative use.


Participants will learn how to:

-Create artworks together adapted to augmented reality technology (AR).

-Upload the artworks on the app Hidelight using AR.

-Stage an AR exhibition of the participants’ artworks.

-Get a better understanding of AR technology that powers L’Imagier’s current exhibition Tout-Terrain : Régale | Regal  (and other initiatives such as Pokémon Go).


Paul Sharp, local artist and creator of Hidelight (an AR platform), invites you to participate to a workshop in association with L’Imagier’s current exhibition Tout-Terrain: Régale | Regal. Visit this public art exhibition and experience the creative technology that powers it. Participants will start with a drawing on paper to then create a digital file of the drawing to adapt to AR technology. All of the drawings will form a localized digital exhibition whose location at the Aylmer Marina will be determined by the workshop participants. The exhibition, publicly accessible, is interactive through the addition of comments, the import of new images and videos and their sharing on social networks.

Download now Hidelight for free on the App Store. After the workshop, participants will be able to continue uploading images from anywhere in the world, contribute to this localized digital art exhibition, and show their friends how to use the technology creatively.


To register for the workshop.


While this workshop is offered for free, we do accept donations. If you would like to support L’Imagier and its programming events, please know that every little bit helps. Thank you so much for your generosity!


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