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Postponed : Unweave, unveil. Chiral landscapes of exile

Location Centre d'exposition L'Imagier

Dates March 27, 2020 — May 10, 2020

Heure de début Starts at 6:00pm

As part of the Unweave, Unveil. Chiral landscapes of exile project, L’imagier is pleased to welcome curator Anna Kerekes (France), as well as artists Eugénia Reznik (France/Quebec) and Patil Tchilinguirian (Quebec). Respectively of Ukrainian and Armenian origin, the artists meet on common ground, through a research-creation practice born from the intersection of science, technology, arts and design. Cultural identity being at the heart of their respective reflections, the artists present a set of works that approach the notion of uprooting in a context of migration.

Image details : Eugénia Reznik and Patil Tchilinguirian, Chiral landscapes of exile (detail), 2020, video.

Photo credits : Vyosana Shkurti

* Work produced with the support of Hexagram Network


*** In accordance with government recommendations to limit the impact of the COVID-19 virus, L’Imagier Art Centre will temporarily close its doors. The exhibition Unweave, unveil. Chiral landscapes of exile will be postponed until the spring of 2021.

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