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Histoires de plantes

Histoires de plantes transports you through time and space: from the Roman baths, to the Shogunate palace in Japan, to the Amazon jungle.

Travel with our special guest Aime Johnston of Folia & Domum (105 Principale Street, Aylmer) accompanied by Leonore-Namkha Beschi of L’Imagier to discover the exhibition of the moment (Unweaving, Unveiling: Chiral Landscapes of Exile)  through a botanist’s eye. During these encounters, Aime shares stories that are fascinating, frightening and all the more exciting than the others. 

 Join us for this series of thematic guided tours highlighting the migration of plants from their natural environment. This uprooting echoes that of the artists in the exhibition, Eugenia Reznik and Patil Tchilinguirian.

Duration : 1 hour

Admission: free

Location: L’Imagier

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